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Arkham Knight Fanart :iconlynunderwood:LynUnderwood 8 4 Robin's Sacrifice Cover :iconlynunderwood:LynUnderwood 2 2 Disobeying Truths Cover :iconlynunderwood:LynUnderwood 2 0 Jason Todd Red Hood FanArt :iconlynunderwood:LynUnderwood 6 2 Red Hood FanArt :iconlynunderwood:LynUnderwood 5 2 Nightwing FanArt :iconlynunderwood:LynUnderwood 10 8 Kirito FanArt :iconlynunderwood:LynUnderwood 3 2 JasonTodd (FanArt) :iconlynunderwood:LynUnderwood 2 0 Robin inspired fanart :iconlynunderwood:LynUnderwood 3 2 Gem :iconlynunderwood:LynUnderwood 5 8 Jellal (Fairy tail fanart) :iconlynunderwood:LynUnderwood 10 21 Crona -Lets be friends (soul Eater fanart) :iconlynunderwood:LynUnderwood 22 14 Death the kid (soulEater fanart) :iconlynunderwood:LynUnderwood 35 31 Jade (OC) :iconlynunderwood:LynUnderwood 7 6 Allen Walker D.Gray-man (FanArt) :iconlynunderwood:LynUnderwood 9 2 Elfie Knight (OC) :iconlynunderwood:LynUnderwood 6 6


The Kings :iconwlop:wlop 7,478 165 Feather :iconwlop:wlop 5,145 120 Batman v Superman: Dawn of Chibi :icontaffz:taffz 16 3 Death the Kid chibi :icontaffz:taffz 39 21 Red Hood Chibi :iconsammysenpai6:SammySenpai6 8 3 Chibi Red Robin :iconsammysenpai6:SammySenpai6 2 0 Young Justice Chibi Nightwing :iconsammysenpai6:SammySenpai6 4 0 Chibi Robin :iconsammysenpai6:SammySenpai6 3 0 Young Justice Chibi Nightwing :iconsammysenpai6:SammySenpai6 6 0 Chibi Starfire('s) :iconsammysenpai6:SammySenpai6 17 4 Chibi Batgirl Inked :iconsammysenpai6:SammySenpai6 1 0 Chibi Batman 3000 Lineart :iconsammysenpai6:SammySenpai6 4 0
Contest Confirmed!!!
Hi again. Anyways Like I said with the previous blog entry, if everyone (at least those who commented) wanted a contest and all everyone said yes! So this means the contest will take place. Now on to the info~
basic Information- Summertime is a time everyone can enjoy so why not draw you favorite characters from soul eater! All you need to do is draw them hanging out or doing something fun in the summer time whether it being at the mall, a cook out or even something exciting like skydiving (good luck with that one XP) it can be a couple of a group even!
-Must be Soul eater characters only! Oc's for soul eater are included ^_^ Soul eater NOT! Is also included if anybody was wondering
-Nothing to Gorey, it's not that I have a problem with that but some may so no organ streamers :( I'm looking at you!!! Samantha!! (JK XD but seriously do cut back on the gore if it is going to be incorporated. Idk any Samantha's here so if ur name happens to be Samantha sorry I g
:iconallthingssouleater:AllThingsSoulEater 10 20
Young justice Robin Kid flash :iconbak-hanul:BAK-Hanul 451 10
All right, it's time to get a new one of these up and running! Last month's feature went super-swimmingly well, so thanks to all of our vary talented contributors! Keep on rockin,' guys! :thumbsup:
In keeping in line with slowly working our way through the Justice League, I thought it was about time we had a Flash feature. Whether you like the show, his comics, or his appearances in shows like Justice League, the Flash is one of those characters who shows up everywhere. It's about time he made an appearance in our feature journals!
So this month all submissions to the MFJ must feature the Flash. Since there have been so many Flashes throughout the DCU, however, I'll accept any picture that features Jay, Barry, Wally, or Bart. Remember though: one submission a person, the picture must be focused on the Flash or one of the Flash alter egos, and have fun with it. :D
The submissions will be posted below as I approve them. :icontheflashplz:
:icondcfandom:DCFandom 2 0
Joker :iconnathanwest36:NathanWest36 8 0



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Artist | Hobbyist
United States
Hello there! Thank you for checking out my page hope you like it!! I know my art isn't great I'm entirely self-taught and I know I have a long ways to go but still I hope you guys like my work :)

Guys check out my little sister's page please!!…

Fandoms :)




Arkham Knight Fanart
Well... It's been forever since I have posted anything for you guys .:sorry bunny:. Stitch is Sorry plz 
I have actually been ordered by my doctors to stop drawing for awhile and so thats why I haven't posted anything Miuna Crying Icon 
But I might be ignoring them now and drawing anyway Hehehehehe 
So yeah! I will try to do my best to get more pics done to post for you guys!! I miss you all Kuro Mad Icon 
Let me know if you have any requests and I will do my best to get them done! Mahiru Surprised Icon 
They can be Anime Mahiru Happy Icon  Comics pervydcflashplz Video games Arkham Knight Icon  Or whatever so long as it's within reason Got My Eyes On You 
Lol I guess that's all for now. Until next time!! Taiga and Minori (I miss you hug) [V1] Natsuki Shinomiya (Super hug) [V1] Yato and Hiyori (Snuggy) [V1] Tohru hugs Kisa-chan [V1]  I love you  
Robin's Sacrifice Cover
Was asked by a friend to draw the cover for their Young Justice FanFic Robin's Sacrifice. It is an awesome story and you guys should check it out!  Here is the link to the story if you are interested >…
Hope you guys like my sad attempt at a cover XD
Disobeying Truths Cover
So I was asked to draw the cover for a friend's Young Justice Fanfic on WattPad! It's called Disobeying Truths. It's a really interesting story and you guys should check it out if you like Young Justice and or FanFic XD Lol Here is the link to her story if you are interested! >…  < 
Hope you guys like my sad attempt at a cover XD 
Oh my gosh guys I am so sorry!! I didn't realize its already been two months since I posted.... life has been so crazy I haven't had time to breathe!
But I promise I am not dead! Work has had me running like crazy, havent been getting sleep and on top of that I hurt my knee and have spent my last (rare) off days at the doctors for the past three weeks (will hopefully have some answers tomorrow) and my sister just got married! so much going on....
I still need to finish :iconishidasado: 's pic I am so sorry its taking me this long Crying Death the Kid Emote  But I promise I haven't forgotten!
The next few weeks I wont be able to do much but as soon as I have time I promise I will work on more pics for you guys!

Again I am so sorry!

~Lyn <@>

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